Picture Books

Watson the Detective Dog: Published by Scholastic

Watson is training to be a conservation dog, and there is a special species in danger. Some itty-bitty fish – īnanga, or whitebait as you may know them – need saving. In this story about a real-life dog, you’ll learn about how detector dogs like Watson are trained for a role in conservation.

Pelorus Jack the Dolphin Guide: Published By Scholastic

The story of a famous white Risso dolphin that escorted ships through the rough waters of the Marlborough Sounds from 1888 to 1912. Raymond’s lively illustrations capture the New Zealand seascape and the dolphin’s play.

Mrs Chippy the Cat: Published By Scholastic

The story of a tomcat who was a loyal and loved companion to the crew on Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated 1914 expedition to the Antarctic aboard the Endurance. Raymond's use of colour emphasises the cold environment as well as the cat's antics.

Friday the Rebel Dog: Published By Scholastic

The story of New Zealand’s most notorious dog, Friday, the loyal companion of infamous sheep stealer, James Mackenzie. Raymond’s colourful illustrations pick up on the quirkiness of the story.

Bess the Brave War Horse: Published By Scholastic

The story of one of only three surviving horses of over 10,000 taken to the battlefields during the First World War to serve with the Mounted Rifles Brigade in the Middle East. Raymond’s illustrations are heart-warming and evocative.

Friday the Rebel Dog: Published by Scholastic

Finn had seen those eyes before. They were golden yellow, like the colour of the moon hanging low in the sky. And they were full of pain.

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