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Lara is new in town and resents it – Kahu is a talented carver, outwardly cocky and confident but riddled with doubts and fears.

Hunters slaughter the young white Kaimanawa stallion’s family, and he learns to fear and distrust humans, but when a brutish trainer targets the white stallion during the annual DOC muster, he must learn to trust Lara and Kahu if they are to have any chance of saving him.

To accomplish this, Lara and Kahu must both reach out – Lara to her peers and her estranged mother, and Kahu must reveal his hidden talent. Both must also face the reality that to help the stallion, they must ultimately lose him.

Parallel to their journey, the white stallion must face and overcome his fears. He must call on the strength and wisdom of his ancestors and place his trust in Lara and Kahu.

I grew up in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand, near towering volcanic mountains and harsh windswept plains. This is the home of New Zealand’s very own wild horses, called the Kaimanawa . When I was little these horses galloped through my dreams. I even wrote my first story about them. Restless Spirit is all about a special wild, white Kaimanawa stallion who cannot be tamed and the brave teenagers who band together to try to save him from a brutal trainer.

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