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I’m lucky to live on a small farm in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Here I’m surrounded by my many wonderful animal friends who inspire me every day with their antics and play.

Loki and Thor
Here's the latest addition to our family - a cheeky black shepherd pup we've named Thor (Loki's brother, of course!).

This is Loki as a wee pup. He's a white German shepherd and a real sweetie.

Meet Lili; she's a pedigree Burmilla but nobody's told her she's meant to be a lap cat. She's our top rat catcher on the farm.

Our dark-haired Luci with her Maneki-neko welcoming in good friends.

My boy Al Capone (great name – he came with it: the dark gangster?) sporting his western saddle.

Our foster daughters playing on their ponies at Mount Maunganui beach. The pony on the left is Flame. She’s actually a Kaimanawa pony who was captured from the wild. She’s a real darling, and not wild at all now. She loves kids and getting a big fuss.

Here's a band of Kaimanawa wild horses roaming free. They were happy to watch me drive up in my 4WD, but as soon as I hopped out they galloped off.

This is me on my big horse, Barney. We love trekking along the beach together. I write most of my stories in my head on his back! He's very patient.

This is Yogi as a puppy with my old German shepherd, Layla, the inspiration for my book called Saving Sam.

Here's my best friend, Yogi, in our garden. He's a long-haired German shepherd just like Layla, but unlike her he's afraid of nothing (except the vacuum cleaner!) He's a real character: very bright and very silly all at the same time. You could say he's the class clown!

Our herd of pet angora goats, all named after desserts, lollies, and other treats. For example, there's Cheesecake, Pavlova, and Biscuit.

Yogi with our niece Ella enjoying a moment together in our garden.

One of our goats, Hokey, with her baby Jellybean.

My hubby Lionel on his horse, Robbie.

Cuddles with Barney.

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