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The Wolf in the Wardrobe

Finn had seen those eyes before. They were golden yellow, like the colour of the moon hanging low in the sky. And they were full of pain.

When Finn comes across a car accident, little does he realize his life is about to change forever. The huge, injured animal he discovers is no dog ‑ but a wolf, escaped from the circus. Finn is bewitched. Instinctively, he knows he must save the wolf, Lupa , and prevent her return to the cruel circus.

Where to hide the wolf, and how to feed her, are just the beginning of Finn's problems. For the sinister circus clown, Cackles, is hot on their trail and will stop at nothing to get Lupa back. In a race against time to save Lupa , Finn gets help from unlikely quarters. But will it be enough?

Like many of my books, The Wolf in the Wardrobe was inspired by one of our much-loved pets. Yogi is a long-haired German shepherd and he adores playing with kids. But people often say to me when they first meet him, "He looks like a wolf!" And that got me thinking – imagine if he really was a wolf!

Teacher's Notes: An English Unit for The Wolf in the Wardrobe


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