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The Drover's Quest

"Tell us where you've got the nugget and this will go well for you," the tall man with the horrible voice rasped.

Rumour is flying around the West Coast goldfields that Tom McGee has struck it rich and found a nugget of gold as big as a man's fist. So no one is surprised when his campsite is later found wrecked and abandoned. Men have been killed for a lot less on the tough goldfields of 1860s New Zealand.

But one person is convinced Tom is not dead - his headstrong daughter, Charlotte. Solving the mystery is not her first task, though. First, she must get to the coast. A skilful horse rider, she disguises herself as a boy and joins a cattle drove across the Southern Alps. But Charlie is in for the ride of her life — and the stakes couldn't be higher.

An English Unit for The Drover's Quest from HarperCollins Publishers: Teachers' Notes

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